Perfect Morning Workouts for a Healthy Mind

A good morning workout is an excellent way to start your day. The benefits are wide-ranging and the process is fairly simple. You don’t have to worry about maintaining a difficult diet or not having time for physical exercise because with a regular morning workout, you can eat what you like during the rest of the day and still be healthy. Here are some tips for getting your body ready for a perfect morning workout.

Here are some things you can try to do to keep a healthy mind:

  1. Wake up at the same time every day 
  2. Decide on a morning activity that is enjoyable and healthy 
  3. Plan your workout for the day and write it in your schedule
  4. Keep the room that you will be working out in as comfortable as possible
  5. Make sure your exercise equipment is set up the way you like it
  6. Get a good nights sleep, so that you will have energy to endure whatever workout session you decide to do in the morning 
  7. Stay away from foods that make people groggy and drink coffee or tea instead 
  8. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you are used to working out in 
  9. Do 20 minutes of cardio before beginning your weight training routine
  10. Make sure not to let exercise interfere with the rest of your day and schedule important activities for another time during the dayVertical
  11. Exercises (elevate the body)
  12. Horizontal Exercises (perform the exercise lying down, rather than standing)
  13. Stretching exercises for flexibility, and relaxation. 

A study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that men who engaged in a 30-minute exercise session, 3 times a week, increased their testosterone levels significantly over those who did not participate. 

This increase may be attributed to an increase in lean body mass after physical training as well, an increase in blood flow to the muscles and finally, an increase in IGF-1 levels. 

Needless to say, all of these things combined contribute to a healthier individual.

In addition to the numerous health benefits that come with exercising on a consistent basis, exercising every morning will also improve your concentration (by increasing blood flow to your brain), energy level (by getting more oxygen into your body), and memory (by increasing the number of synapses in your brain, as well as by activating neurons that send messages throughout your body). 

It can also help you sleep better at night, reduce stress levels, regulate moods, improve self-esteem, and make you feel more connected to others. 

Moreover, it can also help you deal with feelings of loneliness and isolation, as well as prevent depression, anxiety, and mania.

If you think some of these can help you, then you can give it a try!

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