Few Helpful Ideas to Improve Your Motivation

“We all know that getting motivated is not an easy task. Motivation comes and goes in waves. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated at all for any daily tasks, while other times we’re way too pumped up to do anything but go on a shopping spree. We’ve come up with a few helpful ideas to improve your motivation and increase the likelihood of you being productive.”

Create a list of things you need to do during the day:

::* Create a list of what needs to be accomplished for the day. This will help you analyze what tasks are most important so they can be completed first before forgetting about them later in the day.

::* Prioritize the list in order of what is most important or urgent. Once you have prioritized the list, determine how much time each task will take to complete so that it can be done within the given timeframe of a day.”

::* For those who are interested in being more productive and organized, try using an app like Toodledo. It’s a free app that allows you to create lists for anything you need to do during the day, from daily chores to fun activities. It’s very easy to use and makes organizing a list so much easier than a piece of paper where you can lose track of all your notes.”

::* A suggestion for those who have a difficult time creating a new habit: Each week, make sure to fill in the following: a) write at least one page for your novel b) do your daily workout c) study/read two pages into any non-fiction book d) practice drawing for three hours. By writing this down, it serves as a reminder each week of what you should be doing and makes it more difficult to skip out on any of the items.”

::* Distract yourself: Sometimes all you need to do is take a few minutes away from your work. The brain can become overwhelmed and confused when you’re constantly thinking about something that makes you stressed out, so put it aside for a moment. Just focus on relaxing for a bit, clearing your mind of what’s bothering you. Once the time passes, you might be ready to get back to work.”

::* Create a reward system: For each day that you successfully achieve your goals and do what is planned out for the day, treat yourself after or in the middle of doing said task. The reward does not always have to be something materialistic; it could be as simple as allowing yourself to sit down and rest your eyes for a few minutes, take a relaxing shower, or eat that delicious cookie you’ve been craving. It’s your choice of what is suitable for your reward.”

::* Reward others: When some people see the point in rewarding themselves for achieving a task, other people find it more motivational to give their reward to someone else. Instead of taking your dinner out for yourself, take the money you saved up and buy a treat for someone who could use one. If you are feeling generous, donate some of your money or time to a charity that is close to your heart.”

::* Take small breaks: There’s nothing wrong with taking a small break every now and then. If you’re feeling like you need to clear your mind, getting up and moving around might be helpful for the moment, even if it’s only to take a short walk. You don’t have to push yourself too hard if you’re not feeling up to it; your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you just want some time to yourself, take five minutes and read a page of your favorite book or listen to music. You can always start back up later when you’re ready.”

::* Help other people: Giving back to those who are less fortunate can be a great way to raise your level of motivation and self-esteem. Whether it’s volunteering at a shelter or simply donating food, blankets, or clothing, you’re giving back in ways other people may not think about. You can help others without spending much money yourself, which will leave you feeling good about what you did for everyone.”

::* Find someone to talk to: In some cases, you may need outside help to get over a bad case of the “blahs” or if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your work. To avoid becoming completely irritable and unreasonable, it’s best to tell someone else about what you feel so that they can offer you solutions. If you have a friend or family member to turn to for help, all the better. They will be able to make suggestions that they think might work best for your situation.”

::* Give yourself time: Remember, it may take some time to get used to these tips if you’ve been struggling with being unmotivated. Depending on how long the problem has been going on, it could take a while before you feel better about yourself. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see any progress in your first few days; the key is to keep working toward your goal and try even harder. Though things may not change right away, they will eventually. If not, keep trying until they do.”

::* Motivational speaker Graham wrote “7 Keys for Increased Self-Motivation” as the new year approaches. Her goal is to help you develop a more positive outlook on life through greater self-empowerment.

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