Taking Your Workout Routine to the Next Level


Tired of a boring and monotonous workout routine? You don’t have to live with the same old thing anymore. With a few minutes of your time, access to some simple equipment, plus a little imagination, you can shake it up and keep the boredom away.

A new routine doesn’t have to be too different from what you’re already doing. Tweak one or two things and see what effect they have on your body’s fitness level. If nothing else, you can always add an extra set of reps into your existing routine to kick things up a notch. Check out these new ideas for 4 ways to take your workout routine to the next level!

1) Add an interval timer: It’s been proven that if you alternate a high-intensity burst of exercise with low-intensity aerobic periods, your body actually burns fat faster and more efficiently than with steady long-term training. That’s because when you work out at either one extreme for too long, your body gets used to it and adapts by getting less fit. This is called the “adaptive energy budget.”

You can use an interval timer on your iPhone or computer and program it to tell you when to start your high-intensity portion of the workout. Generally, these should last for no more than 60 seconds depending on what kind of exercise you’re doing. Then follow with a time of light aerobic activity until the next interval tells you to switch.

2) Make a workout song CD: If you’re like most people, music puts you in the mood to work out. You can find any number of good interval timer apps for your iPhone that will help keep you moving between high-intensity and low-intensity exercise periods. Put them on a CD or mp3 player and enjoy!

3) Make your workout partner a friend: A lot of studies have been done on the importance of having workout partners. These studies show that when people train with others, they work harder than they would if training alone and go farther than if competing with themselves. Find someone in your neighborhood who has similar goals to yours and ask them to be your training partner.

4) Get a personal trainer: If you can’t find someone to train with on your own, get yourself a professional who knows what kinds of workouts will work for you and will keep pushing you to new limits. You’ll be surprised at how fast you’re able to go when having someone there coaching you along the way!

There you have it, 4 ways to get past that workout boredom and stay motivated. You can join the millions of people who are enjoying their workouts in a new way with these simple tweaks!

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