Eat Steak to Relieve Muscle Soreness After Workout

In order to relieve muscle soreness, you need to eat steak. 

I was in the gym tonight and I pulled a muscle in my back when I did my last set of pull-ups. It’s been three hours since I finished my workout and I’m still in so much pain. Is there anything that could help me with this? Well, I did some online research and it turns out that eating a steak is just what the doctor ordered! So if you want to know how to relieve muscle soreness after a workout, take my advice and eat steak.

The meat that you cook on the grill is known to help relieve muscle soreness. The reason why is because it contains a powerful amino acid called carnosine. This amino acid has been found to help prevent metabolic acids from making contact with your muscles and causing stiffness or soreness. You can also find this amino acid in beef, bananas, fish, and poultry.

Just remember, if you want to relieve muscle soreness after a workout, grab a steak! 

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