10 Essential Rules to Help You Have Great Health

  1. Find out what your body needs and feed it properly. 

Food is the fuel that runs your body, so make sure you choose foods that will give you plenty of energy and keep you healthy.

This means eating balanced meals. And if you find this difficult, it might be a good idea to get some advice from your dietitian or GP about what changes you need to make. They can help you devise a balanced diet that meets your specific needs.

You should also take food supplements to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you might need. Just make sure the label says ‘food supplement’, as many products claiming to be just vitamins or minerals can contain other ingredients, such as sugar or fillers, that will undermine your health.

  1. Treat your body as an investment, not a luxury.

Don’t just look after your health now, think about how you can keep it in the best state for as long as possible.

If you want to stay healthy and have a good quality of life in the future then make sure you take care of yourself – eat a balanced diet, get plenty of exercises, rest properly, and don’t smoke.

That way, you’ll have more energy to enjoy your life and be active in whatever you choose to do – from hobbies to a busy career. A healthy lifestyle can also help you to cope better with stress and pressures.

  1. Get regular exercise.

Exercise is one of the best ways to keep fit and healthy. No matter what you choose to do, exercising regularly will help keep your heart healthy, your bones strong and lower any extra weight you may be carrying. A recent survey found that people who play sport or do exercise such as walking at least once a week are nearly three times as likely to say they are in very good health than those who take little or no exercise.

Even if you can’t do that much at first, try to build up gradually and aim for about 30 minutes of activity on most days. If you don’t have time for a whole session, break it down into 10-minute chunks. For example, try walking up and down the stairs once or twice a day.

If that’s not enough to make you feel healthier, then set yourself a more challenging goal such as competing in a 10-kilometre charity walk or running a half marathon (13 miles).

  1. Rest properly. 

Sleep is as important to your health as food and exercise. We all need good quality sleep for our minds and bodies to function properly, so aim for 7-9 hours each night.

The problem is that many of us don’t get the amount of sleep we need (or even what we think we do). If you feel you are not getting the right amount, you could be making yourself more prone to illness and disease. So try sleeping at a different time of day and see if that helps

If not, visit your GP for advice on how to sleep better.

  1. Don’t smoke. 

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of health problems and death in the UK. If you smoke, stopping is one of the best things you can do for your health. 

Cutting down will also help to improve your overall fitness by raising your heart rate – normally when a smoker quits smoking their resting heart rate goes down as they become healthier.

If it’s hard to quit on your own, why not give NHS Smokefree ago? They offer free help and support to anyone wanting to quit smoking.

  1. Know what’s in your body with regular self-assessment. 

Maintaining good health means knowing as much as you can about your own body so you can spot any changes happening inside. You should be aware of your own body and what’s going on inside it. This knowledge can help you identify any issues or potential problems before they get too serious, allowing you to seek out advice or treatment more quickly.

For example, if you have been feeling run down for no obvious reason (for a month or so) then you should consider some basic tests, such as a blood test to check your iron levels.

For men over 40, you may also want to get a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test if you are due one. If you have an increased PSA with no obvious reason then this could be an early warning of prostate cancer and would need further investigation and assessment.

  1. Eat a balanced diet. 

If you want to stay healthy and have fun for as long as possible, then eating a balanced diet is one of the most important things you can do – not only for your body but also for your mind and emotions.

With all that we have on our plates in life, it’s easy to forget that the greatest gift we have is our health. So make eating well a priority in your life – you can even use it as an excuse for having fun and celebrating your birthdays with those close to you every year!

There are some simple things that you should do, such as:

  • Eating plenty of fruit and veg – aim for at least five portions a day
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Avoiding too much salt, saturated fat and sugar
  • Limiting your alcohol intake to two drinks per day (men) or one drink per day (women). 

So go easy on the booze! Having more than this could lead to:

o Cancer

o Diabetes

o Heart problems

  • Stop smoking and drinking too much alcohol if you want to stay healthy for as long as you can. 

All of these things are bad for your body so make sure you can live a better, longer life by not doing any of them! The more in control you feel over yourself (and your habits), the better it will be for you in the long run. If you think having one or two drinks is fine then try this challenge: stop drinking for a month and see if you feel any different (and let us know).

  1. Make healthy choices in life. 

We’ve all heard the phrase “everything in moderation” so you need to consider what this means for your own life. But it basically boils down to everything that could be bad for you: don’t do too much of it!

In other words, if there’s something that is bad for you (like alcohol, smoking or junk food) then cut down on it as much as possible. For example, if you normally drink one beer a night, don’t have two!

If you smoke all the time and can’t imagine life without it, try cutting down to 10 cigarettes a day and then work down from there.

  • Keep moving as much as possible – your body will thank you for it! 

We often say that we have to “use it or lose it” and this is definitely the case when it comes to our health. If you stop doing regular exercise (like swimming, running, cleaning the garden or playing with your kids) then you’ll start to notice that this can have a negative effect on your mood and motivation levels.

The key is to keep moving, whether it’s going for a run around the block after work or doing 10 press-ups before bed – whatever it takes!

The ten rules to great health that I have outlined are not perfect and there may be exceptions. However, following these rules will result in better health.

If you follow these rules, you should be able to avoid the most common health problems and live a healthier, happier life.

As always, I hope you found this article informative and useful. 

Thank You for reading!

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