How to Increase your Strength with Machines

There are many ways to strength train, but machines might be the simplest way to do so. There are many different types of machines you can use for a nice mix-up and new challenges. Try these out:

  1. The Smith Machine 
  2. Cable Crossovers
  3. Pec Deck 
  4. Leg Curl
  5. Seated Row 
  6. Lat Pulldown Machine

You’ll want to try 10 sets of 15 repetitions per exercise, but you don’t need to stick with this number or amount of time if you want to challenge yourself. The idea is just to make it a little more intense. You can split your muscle groups into three different times throughout the day if you have trouble fitting time into your schedule.

You’ll want to rest in between the sets, but take as much time off as you need between. You can also rest for 15-20 seconds if you’re going at it alone and have time constraints. Be sure to warm up before you start, or try a few sets with just the weight of your body so you can get used to the movement of the machine.

It is best that you do not use any free weights on machines like the Lat Pulldown Machine, or you could seriously hurt yourself. It’s better to take it easy and adjust slowly. Lifting too much weight increases your risk of injury so make sure to have a spotter around whenever you’re unsure of what you should be doing.

Best if you ask help from professionals once you start to enjoy exercising!

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