Best Gym Equipment for Building Abs and Legs

The best gym equipment for building abs and legs are abdominal machines. The best machines to build your abs are those that put a specific pressure on one portion of the abdomen at the same time that they provide an isometric exercise to multiple muscle groups.

For fitness goals, there are many different exercises that can be completed in a matter of minutes each day.  Here are some of the best equipment you can try:

  • Machine Crunches: 

This machine includes a bar for you to position your feet under with two arm bars above it. You can then kneel down by placing your knees under the arm bars, sit down on the seat and let your body fold forward on the abdominal pad. This exercise isolates all of your abdominal muscles, making it great for strengthening them.

  • Seated Rows: 

This machine resembles a rowing machine. You use this equipment with your feet on the pedals and the handles in front of you to hold onto. The seated rows build abdominal muscles as well as your lower back, upper back, core and arms.

  • Leg Extensions: 

Using this machine, you extend your legs upward by way of your knees. This exercise works for building strength in the muscles located in your thighs, glutes and calves.

Want to know how effective they are? Give them a try!

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